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The Film Festival Academy will be making very many film festival-related publications available online. Below are downloadable PDFs of six texts that should be of direct interest to anyone working in the field: Marijke de Valck's groundbreaking history of the development of film festivals; NISI MASA's report from the industry training workship in Espinho, July 2012; Thomas Elsaesser's seminal chapter 'Film Festival Networks: The New Topographies of Cinema in Europe' from his excellent volume European Cinema: Face to Face with Hollywood; a new provocation from Mark Cousins, who challenges us to think afresh about film festival form; the entire International Film Guide 2012, with detailed surveys of the national cinema of over a hundred countries as well as director profiles and festival lisitings; and Dekalog 3: On Film Festivals, a fine collection of essays from festival programmers, academics and film critics.

The Film Festival Academy is in the process of sourcing and securing the online publication of a very large list of academic works of film festival studies and film criticism relating to film festivals; in addition to this industry reports and festival catalogues will be continuously added to the online archive, all freely accessible.

Those on a PREMIUM membership will be able to access additional works, whether specially commissioned by the Film Festival Academy or already published elsewhere but with exclusive online publishing rights secured. Again, all access is free with this level of membership.

Marijke de Valck

Film Festivals: From European Geopolitics to Global Cinephilia

Focusing on the world's most famous festivals – Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Rotterdam – Film Festivals tells the story of a phenomenon that began in the midst of geopolitical disputes in war-torn Europe...

Thomas Elsaesser

Film Festival Networks: The New Topographies of Cinema in Europe

A seminal chapter from European Cinema: Face to Face with Hollywood (University of Amsterdam Press, 2005)

Mark Cousins

Film Festival Form: A Manifesto

Filmmaker, festival programmer, film critic, and maverick provocateur Mark Cousins challenges us to think again about the increasingly uniform forms in which film festivals – are organised, arguing that festival organisers...

International Film Guide 2012

Edited by Ian Haydn Smith

International Film Guide 2012

The definitive annual review of world cinema, in print since 1963. Includes a ‘World Survey’ section offering concise summaries of the film industry and festival activities in over a hundred countries, five...

Dekalog 3: On Film Festivals

Edited by Richard Porton

Dekalog 3: On Film Festivals

The third edition of the Dekalog series, published by Wallflower Press, is a wide-ranging look at the film festival world, with contributions from leading programmers and critics, including André Bazin, Mark Peranson, Quintin,...

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